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Cataclysm Heroic Dungeon Cheat Sheet

 Post subject: Cataclysm Heroic Dungeon Cheat Sheet
PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 5:26 pm 
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Quick notes on each heroic dungeon encounter in Cataclysm.
Provided by the Relics of Corbantis guild.

Download it, print it, keep it handy.


 Post subject: Re: Cataclysm Heroic Dungeon Cheat Sheet
PostPosted: Tue Dec 21, 2010 1:06 pm 
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Copy pasta'd because I'm too lazy to open a PDF in the middle of a Heroic:

Halls of Origination:

Temple Guardian Anhuur
- Target of Divine Reckoning needs to move away from rest of the party. Will take significant damage as will those near.
- Move out of Searing Light.
- At 66 and 33 percent the boss will bubble. Need to pull levers in the pits below. Option 1: Have whole party jump down, tank will get the snakes while DPS pull the lever. Option 2: Send 1 DPS on each side down, the healer up top to heal both sides, then left the tank and an interrupter up top.
- One person remains with the boss and will interrupt Hymn as soon as the bubble comes off.

Earthrager Ptah
- Stay out of gas cloud.
- Cleaves so melee DPS in the back.
- At 50 percent summons adds and dies. Clump together and AoE them down.
- Avoid whirlwinds.

- Move out of Alpha Beams.
- Dispel Nemesis Strike on the tank.
- Heal through Omega Stance.
- Crumbling Ruin will lower your hit points after each Alpha and Omega.

- Look away from Super Nova.
- Move out of laser beams.
- At 66 percent she splits. Kill Astral Rain – she won’t be able to use this AoE any more.
- At 33 percent she splits again. Kill Celestial Call so no more adds.
- Option 2: Take out the Celestial Call first so DPS can concentrate on the boss with no more spawns.
- She’ll have a tough shield, but very little DPS at this point. Shield can be dispelled.

- Interrupt Wither, and if it hits remove it.
- Kill Seedling Pods as quick as possible – they will heal him.
- Consume Life Energy can be interrupted.
- Ignore spores and adds, kite around and hit the boss hard. Adds have a stacking debuff bleed so you don’t want to get hit. You can also break a spore to kill plants – they die the moment they enter the Wither.
- Option 2: Tank the boss on the edge of the spore stuff on the ground (boss in spore tank out of spore). This cancels the natural boss health regen and makes the fight easier.

- Boss is untankable. Tank can focus on adds.
- Target Chaos Portals and kill them as soon as possible.
- Chaos seeds are to be picked up by DPS (between portals). They grant a buff that adds significant shadow damage to each attack for 15 seconds.
- Stay out of void zones on the ground. Avoid mini-bombs.
- Tank kills worms with AoE. Robots should be slowed, trapped and kited around by the tank for the whole fight while DPS concentrates on the boss.

- Avoid fire tornado.
- Sunstrike is an unremovable DOT on the party.
- Spread out to avoid his leap and AoE damage.
- Interrupt the summon of a sun orb.
- Heal through Blessing of the Sun. Group takes AoE damage, but boss takes extra damage as well.

Grim Batol:
General Umbriss
- Spread out and avoid blitz. If you are targeted with Blitz, move and avoid it.
- Have DPS slow the purple troggs and kill. Don’t let purple troggs explode near the boss.
- Tank picks up other troggs.
- Boss frenzies at 30 percent health. Pop cooldowns.

Forgemaster Throngus
- Picks weapons and changes attack style based on selection.
- Sword – dispel magic debuff on tank.
- Mace – he’s slowed so kite him around. Avoid trail of flames. Will charge random members.
- Shield – will take no damage and cone in front – all need to be behind him to avoid damage and attack him.
- Move to avoid rock falls.
- Disorienting Roar slows all your abilities by a huge amount. Casting instant abilities to reduce it.

Dragha Shadowburner
- Slow, root and kill summoned elemental. Will explode if it reaches its target.
- On dragon, avoid fire patches on the ground. Move when casting flame breath to avoid. Kill fire elementals.
- Will switch back to the warlock – burn him down.

- Move out of the way of Binding Shadows. Will heal the buff and do damage to the target.
- After Enfeebling Blow, tank has a debuff that increases damage taken. Try to minimize boss hits on the tank while this is on. And give him room for a good sized knockback.
- Shadow Gale – everybody needs to run to the safe spot in the middle. DPS should stack to one side to make running to the gale easier. Boss takes extra damage during gale.
- After Gale, two adds are spawned and will try to hatch eggs. DPS need to split and take them both down. If they get to eggs they heal the boss. Use slows (traps, hamstring, mind flay) but stuns don’t work.
- Shield of Nightmares will be on one add – add will explode on death.

Shadowfang Keep:
Baron Ashbury
- Patrols so watch out.
- Interrupt his heal after the party has healed up a bit from Strangle – otherwise the tank might not survive.
- Debuff put on random target. Debuff needs to either be interrupted or dispelled – otherwise it needs to be healed through.
- Interrupt Mend Rotten Flesh – heals the boss.
- At 20 percent Dark Archangel form. Party needs to be topped off before this. Burn him down and AoE heal.

Baron Silverlaine
- Group healing debuff.
- At 75, 50 and 25 percent he’ll summon a Worgen boss.
- Odo the Blindwatcher can be off-tanked and burned down.
- Wolfmaster Nandos spawns smaller wolf adds. Tank grabs them all and AoE them down.
- Razorclaw the Butcher. Shadowsteps. Pop cooldowns, ignore Razorclaw and burn down the boss.

Commander Springvale (Skippable)
- Need to burn boss while keeping the adds from casting. Unholy Empowerment heals the boss and gives him a buff.
- Interrupt and kill the two adds as quick as possible.
- Tank should be able to grab one of the adds himself with the boss.
- Focus on the boss, pop cooldowns and burn him hard.
- Second set of adds, interrupt and kill again.
- Burn boss. CC any adds and concentrate on the boss.
- Option 2: Tank him where he is facing away from the raid. Kill the first 2 adds and then just burn him down while tanking the rest. If you take too long killing adds the DOT will just end up killing the group.

Lord Walden
- Throws a poison debuff – need to keep moving to clear it.
- Don’t stand in icy shards on the ground.
- Stay spread out.
- Heal through Toxic Catalyst and burn down the boss.
- Imagine he's playing red light/green light. If he spews red, stay put. If he spews green, run until the cast ends or you take damage.

Lord Godfrey
- Bring him down to the bottom and spread out to avoid AoE on pistol barrage. Can move out of the way of it.
- Kill Bloodthirsty Ghouls quick – they have a mortal strike.
- Interrupt Cursed Bullets.

Vortex Pinnacle:
Grand Vizier Ertan
- Stack in the center circle.
- Don’t run out when clouds collapse. Stay in the middle and AoE heal.
- Don't have to kill the lurkers. Since you are all standing in the middle, just have each person face a different direction and they'll never shoot you. Keep all DPS on the boss.

- Tank him down wind – DPS are up wind. Wind moves around.
- Has a frontal breath you need to keep off the group.

- Spread out to avoid Chain Lightning.
- Will root everybody. Healer needs to cleanse this magic root.
- Stand in the middle of the lightning triangle to avoid AoE damage.
- After the storm, spread out again.
- If you jump and are in midair when he casts Static Cling, you won't get hit by it. It's tricky to do because of lag, but killing him without getting hit by Static Cling is required for the heroic meta.

- Has two types of attacks. Just deal with them.
- Will blink around.
- At 50 percent he casts a fire wall. Stay out of the fire and avoid the runes on the floor.
- Will spawn adds – just concentrate on the boss.

Helix Gearbreaker
- Avoid bombs being thrown by the boss.
- Will pickup a random member and smash them.
- After the oaf is dead, Helix will jump on party members. They need to stand still and let their team beat on Helix – but also need to avoid bombs.
- Chest bomb will be strapped to party members – everybody else must avoid when they blow up.
- Bombs can be significantly mitigated by running under the log in the middle of the room – avoiding much of the fall damage.

Foe Reaper 5000
- Have on DPS control the Prototype Reaper. It can be healed and attacks, charges and knocks back. When it dies it’ll respawn.
- Prototype must stun and kill adds before they get to their target.
- Harvest – move away from the area targeted.
- Overdrive – whirlwind you need to heal through.
- Enrages at 30 percent – need to burn down quickly.

Admiral Ripsnarl
- Vanishes at 75, 50 and 25 percent.
- Cleaves so don’t stack up.
- Will adds in clouds.
- Tank needs to pickup adds and they need to be killed.
- At 25 percent, grab adds but concentrate on killing the boss.

Captain Cookie
- Bad food makes you ill. Good food gives you buffs. Stay out of the aura of the bad food.

Vanessa VanCleef
- Run through first trial, avoiding fire.
- Stay together, kill the boss and mana up before getting the next nightmare.
- Ignore spiders and kill Felix.
- Avoid spinning Mario gates.
- Need to stun and taunt Worgen off the NPCs being attacked.
- Swing away to avoid taking damage from the exploding boat. Scream “hey you guys!” while doing so. Kill adds.
- Stand in the bubble to increase damage but also increase damage taken.
- Debuff from adds causes target to give off AoE damage to friendlies.
- Coordinate who takes which rope ahead of time.

- Move away from ground crystals and drop AoE on them to keep them from hatching.
- Kill crabs – they have a stacking bleed.
- Stay out of dust clouds when the boss returns.

- Avoid frontal AoE (except tank).
- Avoid falling pieces of the ceiling. Stay out of pools of fire on the ground.
- Hide behind pillars during crystal storm – line of sight so you can’t be hit. You need to be sufficiently far away from him as well as behind a pillar due to his large hitbox.

- Ignore his two debuffs – they actually help you break paralyze.
- Paralyze stuns you for 8 seconds … if it isn’t broken you take 50k damage. Can be cleansed.
- Put a DOT on the boss, that is what breaks you from paralyze.
- After paralyze he will shatter in front – melee and tank need to give him room or die.
- Ground slam – frontal cone. Needs to be pointed away from the party.
- Enrage at 20 percent that can be removed.

High Priestess Azil
- Gravity wells – position DPS so these will block Followers coming in later in the fight and help kill them. Followers come in from the right side (when facing the boss before the pull). Also allows for plenty of room to run around and avoid rocks.
- Avoid rocks being thrown. Can tell where they’ll go by the cloud on the ground.
- Interrupt Force Grip.

Throne of the Tides:
Lady Naz’jar
- Shock Blast – hits tank hard and must be interrupted.
- Geyser – move out of the way.
- At 66 and 33 percent she’ll warp to the middle and put a damage shield up. Will spawn three adds – CC one while you kill the other. Interrupt and slow them. Melee should be kited around. Lightning surge damages people around you – if you get it move away. Kill caster spawns first.
- Avoid the tornados that move from her to the edge of the room.

Commander Ulthok
- Stay away from fissures thrown on the floor. They’ll grow in size during the fight.
- Healer needs to pay attention to player getting squeezed and heal them.
- Enraged – increased damage for 8 seconds. Can be removed.
- DPS in the middle cirle, and move him around the edge.
- Can take him out the door and pull him down the corridor.

Erunak Stonespeaker
- DPS behind – does a front AoE flame splash.
- Lava bolt will target a random person. Can be interrupted.
- Earth shards head toward a random member – need to get out of the way.
- At 50 percent the squid will start mind controlling members. Need to DPS them down until they are freed.
- Avoid green silencing clouds.

- AoE down small murlocs. Vicious Mindlashers (casters) need to be taken down first.
- Unyielding Behemoths can be tanked or kited. Have AoE damage so need to be kept away from the raid.
- Faceless sappers need to be killed quick. Tank must pick up Blight Beasts and kite it around.
- After the sappers are killed, have the tank kill the beasts while the group concentrates on Ozumat.

Lost City of the Tol'Vir:
General Husam
- Avoid dust clouds. Move around traps on the floor.
- Will charge random members – healers need to be ready to heal them up.
- Pop cooldowns at the beginning and DPS as hard as possible.

Lockmaw & Augh
- Drag him out of dust clouds.
- Adds have a stacking bleed, so kite the adds around during the fight and focus on the boss.
- Enrages – can be removed.
- Blow dart debuffs slows member – poison that can be removed.
- Kite Augh during whirlwind.

High Prophet Barim
- Spread out to avoid chain lightning.
- Move out of Solar Beams.
- Kite around the Phoenix. Avoid fire it leaves behind. Killing the Phoenix just means another will spawn. So focus DPS on the boss and just kite the Phoenix the whole fight.
- At 50 percent you’re brought to the shadow world and must kill the Shadow Phoenix. DPS down the boss quickly, with the tank moving the phoenix around to avoid the adds.

- Will bubble – kill adds quickly. Caster adds don’t require tanking and can be killed quickly. Melee adds have an AoE and should be pulled away from the group.
- Avoid hurricanes on the ground.
- Ignore adds when he unbubbles, pop cooldowns and DPS hard.
- Spread out to avoid chain lightning.

Blackrock Caverns:
Rom’Ogg Bonecrusher
- Move out of dust cloud cast under all members.
- Pickup and AoE down the adds that spawn with Quake.
- All players need to DPS down Chains of Woe and run away before Skullcracker insta-kills them. (This will also kill any adds left).

Corla, Herald of Twilight
- Members of the party need to bodily block the purple beams charging the bosses adds. Otherwise the adds transform.
- Party members need to switch out of the beam before getting to 100 percent or they are mind-controlled.
- Debuff fades after about 20 seconds.
- Boss has a fear that can be interrupted – need to have party members ready to jump into the beam if somebody is feared out.
- Fight is all about managing the beams and making sure no adds transform.

Karsh Stealbender
- Needs to be brought into the lava falls to gain a debuff that allows him to be damaged.
- Tank should be in the inner circle, DPS on the far outer circle – on the other side of the grate. Fire will come up through this grate so anybody on it gets killed.
- Need to dip him in and out of the lava fall – if he’s in there too long his AoE hits are too hard.
- Stack up the debuff, pull him out, let it start to fall, then bring him back in before the stack fades, rinse and repeat.
- Will call adds if his debuff fades that put lava on the floor. Keep the boss out of the lava – it’ll give him the debuff and AoE.
- DPS should immediately pull and kill the adds, and keep them out of the way of the boss. Tank keeps the boss in the middle and doesn’t debuff until all the adds are dead.

- Beauty comes with all of her core pups (can’t pull the pups separately like in the normal version).
- Pups can be CCed. CC two of them, then kill the other. Tank picks up boss and the free pup. Repeat until all pups are dead.
- Beauty will charge random members, also has a knockback and fear.
- Tank needs to move around to avoid lava spots on the ground.
- Don’t kill Runty at the back (he won’t aggro) or you piss off the boss.

Ascendant Lord Obsidius
- Three shadowy adds can’t be tanked my main tank – they have a mortal strike.
- Adds should be kited by a DPS. They fill attack whoever performed the most recent hostile action against them. (Shaman are ideal kiters – earthbind totem and ghost wolf).
- Adds throw a slowing bomb on the ground – tank should avoid.
- Boss will also thunderclap and knockdown the tank.
- Spread out – slow down the adds as much as possible. They can be snared, rooted and slowed.
- During the fight Obsidius will randomly switch places with one of the adds.


 Post subject: Re: Cataclysm Heroic Dungeon Cheat Sheet
PostPosted: Mon Jan 17, 2011 8:03 pm 
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Also useful:
http://media.mmo-champion.com/images/ne ... actics.jpg


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